Typhoon is approaching Ishigaki Island, how are you all doing?

Today, with this precious clear weather,
I went to meet the sea turtles~!

We hopped on a boat right away and headed to Ida no Hama in Iriomote Island.
This place is famous for its beautiful beach on Ishigaki Island,
and many sea turtles are often spotted here✨️

Once again, we successfully snorkeled up close like this~!

Their graceful swimming with their large bodies
is truly soothing to watch.

There are beautiful fish all around too👀

When you immerse yourself in the world of the ocean, time flies by in no time.

Oh, did you know that sea turtles are reptiles?
Just like other reptiles, they have lungs and breathe air.

I captured the moment when they come up to the water surface about every 20 minutes to take a breath.

Among the seven types of sea turtles found worldwide, Ishigaki Island is home to three types: “AOUMIGAME,” “AKAUMIGAME,” and “TAIMAI.”

Each one has its own unique features, and the larger ones can grow up to 100cm🐢

Everyone, please enjoy this valuable experience of swimming with sea turtles in the waters of Ishigaki Island~!

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