Hello~! As the title suggests, today is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower~!   The […]
Hello! Typhoon is approaching Ishigaki Island, how are you all doing? Today, with this precious clear […]
Hello!   I would like to tell you about the starry sky situation in Iriomote Island~! […]
Hello! I would like to introduce “Sagaribana” this time~!   Many people may visit Iriomote Island […]
Hello! This time, I went on an adventure to Pinai-sara Waterfall on Iriomote Island. We explored […]
Hello! Today in Iriomote Island, it’s sunny and pleasantly warm. That means…!     It’s a […]
Hello! Do you know about “Ida no Hama”? Ida no Hama is said to be one […]
While driving on the mid-sea road, you can see a waterfall in the distance. This is […]