I would like to tell you about the starry sky situation in Iriomote Island~! 🌌


I’ll start right away, but isn’t the photo in the thumbnail very beautiful?


It was taken by a photographer who comes to the island on business.


Since the moon rises late this time of year, there are few streets and it is pitch-dark at night on Iriomote Island, so you can see a starry sky full of stars!


The Milky Way seen with the naked eye is so fantastic that you will be enchanted anytime you look up at it.


Since Iriomote Island is located at the latitude of 24 degrees, it is said that as many as 84 of the 88 constellations established by the International Astronomical Union can be seen.

The Southern Cross, which can be seen in the southern hemisphere, can also be seen!


If you look long enough, you can even see shooting stars and satellites here and there 👀.


This is what it looked like when I took a picture with my iPhone camera.

It is very romantic to spend time looking for constellations and relaxing under the starry sky that seems to be falling down.


Stargazing 🌟 to fully enjoy the night of Iriomote Island.

Why don’t you include it in your night schedule?

Don’t forget to bring insect repellent and a light to illuminate your feet when you go out!

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