In this blog post, let’s talk about Iriomote Island and the full moon.

Yesterday was a night of the full moon, also known as the Buck Moon, and it was a captivating night filled with beauty and mystery.

Iriomote Island is a place where the stunning beauty of abundant nature stands out. When combined with the energy of the full moon, the grandeur of this island’s nature becomes even more special.

On the coast of Iriomote Island, the moonlight reflects on the surface of the sea, creating a sparkling and mesmerizing scene. The rhythmic waves dancing under the moonlight are enchanting, making you feel as if you’re being guided by the moon.

Taking a romantic stroll along the beach while being illuminated by the moon is truly a delightful experience.

Now, let’s explore the intriguing relationship between the creatures of Iriomote Island and the full moon.

For example, sea turtles have a nesting season that coincides with the full moon. They rely on the moonlight to guide them back to the shores where they lay their eggs.

This showcases how the moon’s energy influences the lives of these creatures, demonstrating the interconnectedness of nature’s cycles (though there are various theories about this).

The nights of the full moon on Iriomote Island are not only beautiful but also offer a chance to experience the harmony between nature and people. It’s an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the charm of Iriomote Island while feeling the profound connection with nature.

I encourage everyone to embrace the power of nature and the moon as you enjoy these wonderful days.


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