Hello! In this blog post, let’s talk about Iriomote Island and the full moon. Yesterday was […]
Hello! This time, I went on an adventure to Pinai-sara Waterfall on Iriomote Island. We explored […]
Hello! Today in Iriomote Island, it’s sunny and pleasantly warm. That means…!     It’s a […]
Hello! The other day, I went to the “Kaijin-sai” held in the Shirahama district of Iriomote […]
Hello! Do you know about “Ida no Hama”? Ida no Hama is said to be one […]
Iriomote islanad. If you read it as is, it’s “Iriomote Island.” Why Iriomote? And what’s the […]
Iriomote Island is an island located in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, and was recognized for its rich […]
inside of Restaurant Hook
A hidden restaurant on Iriomote Island. The fisherman owner cooks the fish he catches every day […]
A miracle island accessible from Iriomote Island, Barasu Island. A miracle island made of coral reefs […]
Found it! Iriomote yamaneko… It’s a museum. It’s not easy to spot. Some islanders have never […]